Terms and Conditions


Indo Asien Livs, conducts online sales of groceries through e-commerce store referred as

These general E-commerce terms (the "Purchase Terms") apply when you as a consumer e-shop goods on By placing an order on, you as a customer agree to these Terms of Purchase and delivery policy.

Indo Asien Livs has the right to update and change the Terms of Purchase at any time without notice in advance. The Purchase Terms that apply to your order are the version available on at the time of the order. The current Terms of Purchase are published on and we recommend that you always stay up to date on the latest Purchase Terms.

Indo Asien Livs also has the right to update, change, limit and/or delete content or functions on at any time without notice in advance.

Ordering, changing and canceling

When you as a customer have completed your order and Indo Asien Livs has received your order, an order confirmation will be sent via e-mail. The order confirmation does not mean that an agreement on purchase has been concluded. In this confirmation, you can see what all the products were chosen. You can reach our customer support to change or cancel the order before the order is picked and scheduled for delivery excluding perishable and fresh products. Indo Asien Livs doesn’t allow canceling the perishable and fresh products once order is confirmed.


information at, product information is displayed for each item, but as the information is not always and/or can be complete, you are referred to the item's packaging for complete product information and information, such as date of manufacture and best before date. The information about ingredients and allergens is always displayed on the label on each product's packaging.

Indo Asien Livs reserves the right to final sales and any printing errors on the website in  regard to image and text. Examples of such defects may be incorrect information in the product description, an image that does not reflect the exact appearance of the product or the incorrect price of a stated item. Indo Asien Livs also reserves the right to remove products from its range without prior notice.

Indo Asien Livs will move the products with less than 1 month’s expiry date into clearance sale. Also, we remove the product before the expiry date. Sometimes there may be an error in this process and if you receive a product with less than 1 month’s expiry, you may contact customer support as soon as possible and we will process your refund and take a return of the expired product.

Replacement of goods

If an item that you ordered is not in the store/warehouse at the time of picking, it will be replaced with an equivalent item. If you do not want a replacement item, it is possible to cancel the item.

Reservation for weighted goods and bags

The price of so-called weighted goods, such as fruit and vegetables is always based on the weight of the item and is determined when the order has been picked and weighed. In order for you to get an idea of the size of the product and what it will cost when ordering, an average weight is stated which is based on what such a product usually weighs. To take into account a possible price adjustment that may occur if the calculated weight differs from the picked weight. When the item is picked and weighed, the total price will be updated based on the actual weight. The store/warehouse always has the ambition to pick a quantity that corresponds to your order.


Indo Asien Livs is committed to deliver the order as per delivery policy and if we are unable to perform deliveries as a result of circumstances that can be considered beyond our control, this does not constitute as a breach of contract. Indo Asien Livs reserves the right to change or close deliveries at short notice, for example in the event of traffic obstacles due to weather conditions, traffic accidents or similar circumstances such as natural disasters, war, political unrest, labor market conflict, fire or other unreasonable circumstances.

6. Complaint

If something goes wrong or if you wish to complain about a product, customer service must be contacted as soon as possible after the issue has been discovered, but no later than within 14 days. Perishable(eg: Vegetables or fresh sweets) must be reported immediately on the same day. Indo Asien Livs will send a discount coupon to be used for the next order or return the money to the customer based on the product value and the extent of the damage. Indo Asien Livs will not deliver a new item.

7. Right of withdrawal

According to the Act on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises (SFS 2005: 59), the right of withdrawal does not apply to food and other groceries. The customer,  therefore, has no right of withdrawal for purchased food products.

In rare cases, we will accept the return of a product within 14 days from the date of purchase that has been unopened and sealed. Please contact customer service for return authorization and arrange for the item to be returned to the store at your own expense. Refunds will be made at the time the item is returned in the form of store credit or reimbursement will be made to the original payment method.

Customer service

For questions and complaints, please contact customer service via or




Do Not Use the highlighted part, we will save this for later when we decide on the shipping method.

Delivery Policy Outside Almhult 

Dispatch Time 

All orders placed on Monday to Wednesday will be shipped by the next day.

Orders placed on Thursday, Friday and Weekend will be shipped on following Monday.

Note: Sometime it may be delayed due to unforeseen reasons.

Shipping Method

We use postal service for delivering your goods.  You must collect in your nearest collection center after you get notification from postal service company.

Your product will be delivered at home if you choose home delivery option.

As soon as your parcels are ready for dispatch, we update the customer about the final price including shipping cost that is to be paid by Swish or paypal.

Parcel will be shipped once the proof of the transaction is sent to us.

Shipping Rate

Where shipping rates are based on parcel weight and parcel size. Few products size may not fit into specified box size. Some time we may need extra box even weight is less. In this case, we will communicate with customers and pack accordingly.

Delivery to Nearest pick up point 

Shipping  Cost – Order Value above 300 SEK

Varies between 99 SEK – 119 SEK based on Volume and Weight ( 1 to 19 kg).

Shipping  Cost – Order Value below 300 SEK

Varies between 120 SEK to 150 SEK based on Volume and Weight ( 1 to 19 kg).

Note: Maximum weight for the nearest pickup point is only 19kg. If your order exceeds 19kg then you have to choose home delivery or spilt the order to pick it up at the nearest delivery point.

Delivery at your Door Steps

We prefer to send it to the nearest pickup point. Please reach us if you need to get a home delivery